Observation Reports


Home (Balcony)

Most of my observing is done from this South-West facing "balcony", which is actually set into the apartment building in which I live, in the centre of Den Haag, the Netherlands. Two large windows open inwards to give the effect of being outside in the elements.

Panoramic view

Here's a panoramic image of the view from this location (click it for a larger view). As you can see, there's plenty of light polution to contend with! Limiting visual magnitude is generally around 4. Visibility can be quite good on clear nights, with stars visible to the naked eye down to around 15 degrees above the horizon.

Home (Front Door)

I've taken to setting up in the front doorway, which allows limited views to the North-East. Outside on the landing gives a greater field of view, but the surrounding light is then more of a problem. Given that this spot overlooks the city centre, the light pollution isn't as bad as it could be. Visibility and limiting visual magnitude are usually very slightly better than from the balcony.

Panoramic view

Again, you can click the above photo for a larger view. What you however don't see is a row of florescent tube lights which line the wall which was behind me when this photo was taken! The light from these is reflected back very well by solid white boards below (just visible to the extreme left and right).