IBM Aptiva

IBM Aptiva
Model: IBM Aptiva 2176C32
In service since: August 2000
OS: Red Hat Linux External link 7.3
Function: Internet Gateway/Firewall
IBM Aptiva


  • 166 Mhz Intel Pentium MMX CPU
  • 64 Mb RAM
  • 2x 20 Gb 7200 RPM Samsung ATA-100 Hard Disks
  • 10 Mbps 3com 3c509b ISA NIC

Character Traits

  • This seems to be quite a stable little box, although one of the original Western Digital Caviar hard disks was getting flaky around the higher cylinders.
  • The motherboard has one bus socket, into which plugs a shaky daughterboard sporting all the PCI/ISA slots.
  • Fans are fitted to both the PSU and the front of the chassis - neither of which are particularly quiet about it.
  • Perplexing case - two screws on the top of the front of the box hold the chassis in place, which slides out the back of the case.
  • 'Protective' sliding front panel cover.


  • Dodgy spring mechanism removed from sliding front cover.